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Here are described first steps of using QPass just after installation.


Creating database

When you run QPass for the first time you will have to create new database. It is very simple process just press "Create new database" and enter password to your new database twice to be sure you didn't make mistake. Database file, depending on system which you are using, is located in:

Adding entries

To add an entry, first you have to press on "Add" button (or press left alt + A) and fill empty form. You don't have to add "http://" prefix in "Website URL" field. It will be added automatically when necessary. Password file is dotted by default if you have to look at typed password just press "Show password" button. You can use password generator to generate password to selected empty. This process is described more in #Generating passwords section. To save your entry and write it to database press "Save" button. If you made a mistake and don't want to save changes just select other entry in the list.

Deleting entries

To delete entry, select it on list and press "Delete" button (or press left alt + D).

Hiding window to tray

When you run QPass it automatically adds icon to your tray. You can use this icon to have QPass close at hand. When you click it if QPass window is visible it will hide and vice versa. You can change behavior of "X" button in corner of QPass window to hiding application it instead of closing it. To do it right click on QPass icon in tray and check "Hide on close" option. But after that you have to remember to close your application by pressing "Database->Quit" in top menu or by right clicking on tray icon and clicking "Quit".

Generating passwords

To generate password using build-in password generator select entry in which you want to apply this password and click "Generate password". In new window select length of string you would like to generate. Next select which characters use to generate new password. Here are detailed description of this options:

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