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QPass 1.1.0 has been released

This version comes with portable version on windows. It stores database and settings in it's own directory so it could be placed on a pendrive and run on any windows machine.
  • Corrected "Alt+D" shortcut
  • Added quick access to entries through tray icon
  • Improved saving windows state
  • Modified menu category under Unix
  • Added portable version on windows
  • Corrected initialization of progress bar in password generator
  • Corrected opening URLs with https:// suffix
  • Added ability to set QPass window to be always on top
  • Moved generator button to top menu
  • Added ask when user tries to replace database
  • Added update checker
  • "Go to URL" button uses qt functions now
  • Set default button in new database form
  • Improved settings saving
  • Added option to open other than main database
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  1. The portable Windows version appears to be missing DLL. “The program can’t start because QtNetwork4.dll is missing from your computer.” Running on Win7 x64.

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